I meant to write this last year when I turned 30, and somehow I’m about to turn 31 and just now getting to it.

I can’t say I have no idea where this year went, because as I look back at my paper planner (which is basically a living journal) I can remember EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

But never mind the year in review. Bottom line, the feelings I had about turning 30 are even stronger about turning 31, which are, I LOVE GETTING OLDER. I will take all the signs of aging if it comes with all the signs of wisdom.

I don’t know exactly where this started. Maybe it’s because my sisters (aka bffs) who are 4 and 11 years older than I am have always been cooler and smarter and prettier than me, so I couldn’t wait to catch up with them - and I still feel that way! Or maybe it was the realization that I actually like myself a lot more at 31 than I ever did at 21. It’s probably both.

To me, it’s sweet to look back at what life was 10 years ago and to see that I’m now healthier in the big three - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Imperfect. But healthier. I think I’m a bit wiser - meaning I now know that I really don’t know. I trust myself more. Achieved a tad more discipline. I think I cry less… ok, I think I cry about the same amount and haven't increased my crying. My prayers have turned into my life mantras. And I now know that when there’s a storm in life, it’s Jesus walking towards me & not a ghost. So you know… it’s all been progress and that progress is the real gift. 

But hey, I gotta wrap this post up because at this point in my life I only have a few minutes where I’m not either breastfeeding or helping a tiny child onto the toilet and cheering wildly about bowel movements. (Side note: I’ve now mastered doing both at the same time - so look out women of latin america, I’m now also a multi-tasking breastfeeder, and I’m about to go public!)

In closing, in my early 20s I questioned if I liked “me”, and now in my 30s, I think it’s really nice to have found a genuine friend in myself. I hope you can find this in yourself too.

So, 31-year-old me, cheers to embracing getting older, wiser, better, smarter, poorer (cuz kids), richer (cuz kids), fulfilled-er, and lovelier, together.