Take the plunge.

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Brave. Daring. Adventurous. 

These are words I would never use to describe myself. Instead I’d very much say I’m unadventurous, unless your kind of adventure is discovering a new mall or trying all 31 flavors Baskin Robins has to offer. What I’ve discovered about God over the last 5 years, are His ways have been better than my thoughts on His ways—meaning my opinions and suggestions on how He could run my life better have luckily been ignored. In moments when the Lord has asked me to plunge into the next new season, I’ve found myself saying aloud over and over again Proverbs 3:5-6 -because without self talking this verse, I don’t know that I would’ve ever had the courage to dive into the new thing He was asking. 

Bunny trail: I guess this makes Proverbs 3:5-6 my life verse, but when people have previous talked about their “life verse”, I thought it was because it represented something they’ve mastered or something they’re really good at in their relationship with God. Maybe for some it’s that way, but for me this verse is the complete opposite. I struggggggle with trusting God and Proverbs 3:5-6 is the rope that’s pulled me out of complete chaos. End ofbunny trail. 

In turn, after each season has proven to be far sweeter and better scripted than one I could have written, I can’t help but verbally say (somewhat surprised) “Dang, you are the God who has my back” or something close to that. That’s how I’ve come to view the Lord, the one who has my back, the one who is in my corner, the one who writes a far better story than I ever could. 

So once again I’m about to close out one season for a new season—about to take a huge plunge—and I’m reminding myself of the God who has my back and who promises to make my path straight. 

xo. Karri