the prosperity of nothings

<---- So this is our walk to our apartment that Josh took while filming b roll for a video we made a few months back - but I just love it because it has all the feels of what our life has been in CR: meaning life is really quite sweet. I kinda find this ironic because I haven’t been in LOVE with life here—it definitely held challenges I never imagined, but I guess that is what made some things so tenderly sweet and moments I'll forever cherish. We leave in five weeks and I’m so pumped for what's next—not too sad (okay so I am super sad when it comes to leaving people and these ticos) but simply really, really thankful for the growth all three of us have had in this season. It makes me wish I would’ve abandoned myself to the hands of God more fully years ago.

In preparing to move overseas I was overwhelmed by the idea of not having things. I did not know how I would survive washing every single dish by hand, or not having a car, not having a house, not having a yard, not being able to flush toilet paper, but yet having to fight off bats, rats and roaches (<---true story, and yet I know our current part of the world is nothing compared to others...aye!) But here I am somehow feeling like I am the richest human alive. Guys, I totally believe in the prosperity gospel - give Jesus your world and out of nothing He’ll make things prosper and blossom all around you - and even in seasons that you aren’t in love with. 
1 Corinthians 8:3 AMP has been a mantra for me for years, specifically this first part “I love God truly with affectionate reverence, prompt obedience and GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF HIS BLESSING...” 

We're starting to pack this weekend, and as I begin to close out this chapter called “trying to learn Spanish while hating verbs and not understanding indicatives” I must give absolute recognition to God's blessings: I have an amazing, servant hearted husband (like if Billy Graham and Mother T had a baby...), who thankfully never filmed me being less than nice to him while walking up this hill to our apartment because that may have happened once... or 15 times or something; a sweet and affectionate Betty girl, who continually points my heart to Jesus; and a Savior who is “el buen pastor, la luz del mundo, y la vid” (these are among my favorite “I AMs of Jesus and I just love how they sound in español.) 

Next post will most likely be in the jungle... but maybe I'll surprise you and myself with one more in between! 

Til then,