Towels, sinks & dishes

My perspective has had a shift in the last year.

What I had thought would be the biggest annoyance, has transformed into the most precious of moments and the biggest blessing.

I had read quite sometime back about Susanna Wesley (mother to the famous Methodist leaders Charles and John) putting a towel over her head and praying in the center of the room, and how that deeply impacted her children. It was just recently though, when reading a different book referencing this account, that I had learned she had 19 children... so I mean, who wouldn't put a blanket over their head and pray out loud to the Lord Almighty?! (I AM CONVINCED that this was the only way she could keep from cussing like a sailor... because NINETEEN KIDS.)

When we moved to Costa Rica I remember thinking the hardest struggles would be having to throw our toilet paper in the trash and having a million dishes to wash by hand—joke’s on me.

My husband quickly expressed his absolute distain for doing dishes, and since he's a way better ama de casa in every other area and gets up early every. single. morning. to bring me coffee in bed, I figured I could take this one for the team. What I discovered in standing at our sink multiple times per day was more than just lukewarm water and dirty dishes, it was God - He found me. I turn the water on and He's still quick to say, "so how’s your day going?"

Truthfully, I kind of get giddy to see a pile of dirty dishes (I know, sounds insane). Why? Because it's my blanket over the head. It has become some of my most precious moments with the Lord throughout the day. Remember how Daniel went to his window 3 times a day, well, I go to my sink to find Jesus.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: the absolute truth is I spend the majority of the time repenting--like legit REPENTING. #becausethreeyearolds #motherhoodissanctifying

So I guess I write this because a little sentence about Susanna Wesley so encouraged my heart that I hope you find your own blanket head, dirty dish moments throughout the day when God meets you too. And may He keep us all from turning into sailors.