Sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple months.

We were in an all out sprint to get our funds raised and now seem to have continued that sprint all the way to our departure date (we MOVE to Costa Rica—for language school—in 34 ((THIRTY FOUR THIRTY FOUR THIRTY FOUR)) DAYS! WOOT WOOT! Spanish and sunshine (and throwing my used TP in the trash!) here we come! 

I started packing forever ago, which is good because I’m no where close to done and I keep going through rounds and rounds of getting rid of more things I thought I “needed” to take. 

My biggest fear right now is getting overseas and being like, “shoot… I really DID need my pink thick platform shoes”. (STAAAAP rolling your eyes…) Also, I’m sentimental about everything. Like the sweatshirt Josh Woolley bought me for Christmas our 3rd year of marriage…. I mean I’ve only wore it 8 times total, but I can’t give it to the bratty girls at Plato’s Closet just for them to reject it, like they do to all my stuff… grrrrr (I try not to take it personally, but sheeesh, I do). So you get the picture, there’s like a million more things like that. We’re packing our life into 12 (or I hoping for 40) biggish black totes and guys, I’m not some cool trendy minimalist. So pray for me.  

Anyways, this post is going to be short because as we speak I’m baking cookies to eat while I put more things into my “goodwill” pile. And even while I do this, this quote that’s on our website, that I’ve known for years, clangs loudly in my mind and has never, ever felt more applicable or real or necessary.

Missionary to Ecuador Jim Elliot said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose”.

Dang Jim, dang.

I didn’t realize that purging could be so uncomfortable. That I’ve grown probably way to attached to my things—or maybe this is a normal attachment to the things that have been part of our life…? (I’m really not sure what my current mental state of emotional attachment to things should be.) 

Either way, pink platform shoes, I really am okay leaving you for something I can’t lose. I’d rather give you up than not go. Something so much more irreplaceable is coming, and guys, I am really, really excited about it. Sad in this moment to let go of so many silly things, but so very hopeful of what/who is coming. 

ALSO I barely proofed this because you guys are my friends, and if you were over here helping me pack (you know, like real friends… jk jk jk jk) this is what I’d say to you while feeding you a cookie. 

Bye (affectionately!)