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How are you?! It’s been a while!

Since the previous post, we’ve raised over half of our fundraising goal (insert praise hands emoji), spent 20+ days in Springfield, Missouri getting trained (insert sun emoji and sweat emoji) and celebrated Betty girl’s first birthday (insert all crying face/heart eyes emojis here).

So here’s an update on me (if you want an update on Josh, he's kind of like Jesus--the same yesterday, today and forever. Just look up the definition of “even keel” and you’ll see his picture… and if you don’t see his picture, just google search Robin Thicke… same face, different morality, but I digress. But while I'm digressing, if you do google "Josh Woolley" you'll find a horrifying amount of them that have done a crazy amount of crazy things... so if you can believe it, I married the more "tame" Josh Woolley... not the "stabbed-his-girlfriend-in-the-neck-with-a butter-knife" Josh Woolley... #yikes) 

Last week I was listening to North Point Community Church’s sermon series “Heroes” and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It spoke particularly to me as it affirmed why we’re moving…. and I guess it’s my new answer to anyone who asks us why on earth we’re leaving the US for the Amazon.

I’ll give you the bottom line here, but will link the sermon at the end of my post so you can give it a listen:

After retelling the story of the Good Samaritan (which we’re all probably familiar with), Andy Stanley makes the point that Jesus has now called us all to be Good Samaritans. So if you come upon someone in need, you stop and help that someone in need. If there's a price to pay, you pay the price. Regardless of people group, status, or convenience, as Christians, we’re now called to do something. Even if it means sacrifice. (Spoiler alert: it typically does). 

For our family, we saw a need in the Amazon and decided we needed to meet it. T-minus five months to moving to S. America!  

My other thoughts: I stumbled upon this podcast after a long, long week, and not-so-coincidentally, had just asked the Lord to confirm my calling for Ecuador. I wasn’t wavering, or doubting, or not wanting to go. I was just tired. Tired of traveling, tired of trying to explain to people why we decided to move, and tired from a teething one-year-old—and like a gift, the Lord dropped this in my lap. He’s just sweet like that, don't you think? 

I tend to say this at every gathering we have the privilege to speak at, that while a thousand people would never wish the missions life to choose them (heck, they’re praying it doesn’t), I’m so grateful this life has chosen me. Yes, it costs something now, and will cost something later (like hot showers… and being far from family, but I can only think of hot showers right now…. sorry guys) but isn’t that what Jesus taught loving our neighbors is supposed to be—a sacrifice, a price to pay.

So if you would, pray:

-For us as we prepare to go and love our South American neighbors in Jesus’ name.

-For funds and more speaking opportunities. We have to have our remaining funds fully raised by November, so pray, give, share this post, whatever! 

-That the Lord would bless our remaining few months with our family and close friends (I've asked the Lord on more than one occasion to essentially "extend" and bless the time we have together with those we love prior to departing).

Thanks all! 

P.S. I’ll try not to go on a 4 month hiatus again (insert clenching teeth emoji here). 

PPS. Isn't that above picture of 24 year old Josh Woolley just CUTE? and below Betty is super thrilled to have turned one :)