Floral bordado

Do you love these embroidered tops like I do?! 

---- if you're a dude, here's your opportunity to opt out of this post ----

This summer, it seems these cute blouses are everywhere and I just adore them! Their patterns and overall vibrance!....definitely been one of my fav fashion trends. It may be because they remind me of the sweet little ladies I saw in Quito, Banos and the Amazon basin of Ecuador (and rightfully so as you will see). Back 5ish years ago I had a fashion blog--like most girls who had a blog--so here's a throw back post to my blogging roots, where you can see these gorgeous, fashionable and lively women of Ecuador.

FYI: Ecuador--which is roughly the size of Colorado--is incredibly diverse. The country is split up into four regions, which makes four very diverse people groups, especially because of the drastic difference in climate. They are as follows: Sierra (Andean highlands), Oriente (jungle region), Costa (the Coast), and the Galapagos Islands. 

Side note: We will be living in the Oriente region along with 1,500 different breeds of birds... I think the Lord is trying to break me of my hate/fear of birds/animals in general. 





Okay, I had to include the blue footed booby... because just look at those cute blue webbed feet. But don't be fooled, my stance on being terrified of all birds still stands! 

Hope you enjoyed seeing the vibrancy of these captivating Ecuadorian women! Also, they know how to color block like no ones business. #fedorasandcapesforever! 




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